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What Is Net Metering? How Can I Check it?

1st June 2021  

If you are not sure what net metering is, here is some basic information on what it does and its benefits.

What is net metering?

Net metering, also known as net energy metering or NEM, is a billing mechanism that offers your utility provider to get credits for the excess solar energy produced by your solar panels.

This means that the excess electricity that is produced is sent to the power grid, and you can get paid for it. There is a difference between how much energy the solar power system provides and how much is used for your home. Your solar panels produce more power during day time, unlike at night.

Without a solar meter reading, all of the extra energy produced by your panels would be sent to the grid, and you would receive nothing in return!

Net metering, on the other hand, pays your utility company for the solar electricity you send to the grid.

Benefits of net metering

  • Customers can receive credit for the energy that is not used.
  • Great in saving money.
  • Saves energy from the grid’s transmission and distribution.

How does it work?

The solar meter reading works in a specific way. The solar power systems are connected to the grid through service panels and meters. When there is excess electricity produced, they return to the power grid through the meter. A rate of 20 to 40 % of the output goes into the grid, and the neighboring customers get utilized.

How can you read net meters in India?

Every state in India has different types of power distribution companies. For instructions on how to read net metering in India, here are some guidelines.

  • For seeking permission, you have to apply for the installation of rooftop solar panels.
  • Following that, your site will be verified before approving for installation of solar panels.
  • After applying for rooftop solar panel installation, the net metering agreement will be signed by the customer.
  • Required documents should be submitted along with the duly signed agreement.
  • After the completion of installing rooftop PV systems, they will be connected to the power grid.

Solar energy has become one of the most affordable, dependable, and financially viable energy sources in recent years. The ‘green' environmental benefits are more well-known, but there are also well-known financial benefits to replacing traditional coal-powered electricity with solar electricity.

Solar power/energy is an investment in which you must purchase a solar system and install it on your residential or commercial property. However, once the initial investment is made, it is simply a lifetime of savings from lower energy bills and increased property value. By installing a Net meter, you will save more money as your excess power will be transferred to the grid, and your provider will give you some credits on it.

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