A Penny Saved  is a Penny Earned

Many homeowners and business owners report that they have cut their energy bills anywhere between 50% - 90%. As an example, let's say your energy costs are INR 4000 per month. If you calculate conservatively that you'll cut your costs by 50% to INR 2000 per month, installing solar panels will save you INR 24000 per year. If you have a business that spends INR 10000 per month on energy and you can lower that number to INR 5000 per month, that's INR 60000 per year in savings, thanks to a solar energy solution.


Solar A  Good Investment

Installing solar is one of the most significant investments you will make. You'll see immediate reduction in your energy bill, shield yourself from increasing energy rates, and enhance your energy independence! In fact, a system from WAAREE SOLAR can provide a quick pay back within 3 years and the rest 20 years of operation - free of cost. Investing in solar power plants attract tax savings via 80% accelerated depreciation and IRR that can go high as 30%, that's better performance than you'd get from the stock market!


Solar Our Planet's  Best Friend

Organizations who adopt sustainable practices as part of their CSR responsibilities will help lowering carbon footprint .Customers, employees, and investors are more likely to work with organizations who adopt sustainable practices as part of their CSR responsibilities. Energy matters today more than ever before, to fuel our global economy and to fulfil our ever increasing aspirations for a better quality of life. The magnitude of available solar energy dwarfs any finite and renewable resources and exceeds the world's current energy consumption by a factor of 1,500.


Go Solar With Waaree