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Operations & Maintenance

With the rapid increase in the use of solar power systems, there is a dire need for well-managed operations & maintenance services to keep the performance of the solar plant at par with the expectations of the customer.

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Roof Top

The highest incentive for installing rooftop solar panels for homes is the economic aspect. Solar energy has emerged as one of the most promising and widely accepted renewable energy sources today.

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Floating Solar

Floating solar is also known as floating photovoltaics and floatovoltaics, which are solar arrays that float on water. Most floating solar installations are located in lakes or basins because the waters are generally calmer than the ocean.

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Ground Mounted

Solar Panels can also be ground mounted within the property which offers adequate space and good sun exposure resulting in better performance.

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First of its kind program in the Solar Industry to reward our valuable partners! At Waaree we believe in building trust among end users with a concrete family of partners, collaborators in the process, that's what ensure us a continuous success.

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