Solar Tubes - Everything you need to know!

Solar Tubes - Everything you need to know!

8 December 2021 at Waaree

Solar tubes are a simple alternative to skylights if you want more natural light in your house, but skylights are too big, expensive, or difficult to maintain. So, what is a solar tube? Solar tubes, also known as tubular skylights or sun tunnels, are an unobtrusive method to bring soft, natural light into darker regions of your home. They're also known as "sun tunnels" or outside channels.

What are solar tubes?

Solar tubes are mini sun tunnels that allow natural light to enter your home. It directs the sun's light from your roof into your home, allowing it to shine anywhere. A traditional skylight is similar to solar tube lighting.

Both allow light in and require correct installation to function properly. On the other hand, a skylight tube is considerably easier to manage because it is much smaller. Their dimensions vary depending on your requirements, but they typically range from 10 to 22 inches broad.

You can use a solar tube skylight system in conjunction with many individual units to increase the amount of natural light that enters your residence.

Each solar tube lights every interior room with direct sunshine when many skylights are installed on a ceiling. You'd imagine you'd be stuck in a dark room if you didn't have electricity or another power source.

However, there are other options for bringing light into a home. Solar illumination via a reflecting tube is the most recent advancement in solar lighting, and residential skylights have been a light source for many years.

How do solar tubes work?

Solar tube heads are visually built to direct as much light as possible into the tunnel below and range in diameter from roughly 1 to 2 feet. A solar tube is a reflecting cylinder. This mirror-like substance catches the sunlight and reflects it on the tube's interior surfaces. The light will finally make its way inside your home and be projected through an acrylic dome in the ceiling.

Because the light is equally distributed, there will be no hot areas from the sun. Due to the bouncing quality of the light, there is little risk of UV rays entering your home. This will make you safe from the adverse health effects or damage to the flooring.

Also, they're installed either on the roofs or at the end of the tube. Solar tube skylights are an excellent method to utilize renewable, clean energy in your home without causing damage or incurring additional energy costs. The globe outside collects the heat from the sun, and the diffuser spreads the light. People who've installed these solar tubes in these houses need not worry about whether they've put the light on when they're leaving the house.

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What are the benefits of having solar tubes?

Solar tubes allow you to light your home for free without having to install skylights or change the appearance of your rooms. Following are some of the advantages of employing solar tubes:

  • Solar tube installation in your Florida house is a quick and easy operation, and the tubes themselves are unobtrusive and blend in nicely with your home's decor. Dimmer switches and light kits are also available to make your new solar tubes more convenient to use.

  • Solar energy is free, but it is also a clean, renewable resource that produces no harmful emissions. Not only will you save money on electricity, but you'll also be lowering your household's carbon footprint. You'll be helping make your town more sustainable by switching to solar energy to power your house lighting.

  • You won't have to worry about your solar tubes being destroyed once they've been placed, even if they're exposed to the elements. The tube's external piece is made of waterproof modified acrylic that protects it from the elements and insects, humidity, and sun damage.

  • Solar tubes emit a beautiful, pure light that illuminates any environment. The appearance of a room can influence your emotions and attitude. While inside lighting provides adequate illumination, the color isn't as vibrant as it is outside.

  • On the other hand, solar tubing sends the sun right to you, no matter where you are! As the sun streams through the window, the mood of the room shifts.

  • Because of how warm and gorgeous the sun's beams are, it's impossible to beat them. They give out a bright radiance that makes everything shine. Solar tubing allows you to enjoy the color and sparkle of sunlight wherever you are, even if you can't constantly be outside.

  • Indoor solar lighting also has some fantastic health benefits. You get more Vitamin D exposure the more sunlight you get. Daily exposure to sunlight has been linked to enhanced happiness and a stronger immune system. It also aids patients suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) by providing them with sunlight.
Where should you place solar tubes?

Solar tubing performs best on a level surface, but it will not operate on a fully flat roof. If you want your solar tube model to work at its best, it should be angled between 14 and 60 degrees. Check to see if your solar tubes are suitable for the type of roof you have. It performs even better when installed in direct exposure to sunlight. The roofs are capped by a weather-proof plastic globe that gathers light from the sun, and the diffuser further spreads the light.

The majority of manufacturers believe your roof is made of asphalt shingles. Although this is a very popular roofing material, yours may differ. For wood, metal, and tile roofs, there are still lots of simple solutions. You can install solar shingles to reduce your carbon footprint further.

There must also be sufficient attic space beneath the tube to direct sunlight to the appropriate location. Sunlight reflects off the tube's inside until it reaches the bottom, which is where solar tubes come in handy. This shape helps prevent damaging UV rays while also allowing for an equitable distribution of sunlight.

It needs adequate space in the attic to appropriately bend and channel the light downwards, regardless of how you angle it in the attic. Ensure there are no rodents, mould, or other problems in your attic that could harm the solar tunnel. To keep moisture out of the unit, make sure the caps are firmly sealed.

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