Can Batteries and Generators Work Together With Solar Panel?

1 February 2022 at Waaree

Solar panels generate the most excellent electricity in the middle of the day. Excess solar energy is transmitted back to the utility grid with a traditional grid-tied solar system. When solar panels are combined with a home battery to make a solar backup generator, the excess energy is stored rather than supplied to the grid. You can use the energy stored in the battery instead of paying for electricity from the utility when the sun sets, and the panels cease producing electricity.

But the first question that arises is: can you charge solar batteries with a generator? Let's go over the basics regarding the whole-home backup generator for the solar system before getting into how generators and solar operate together. These enormous generators can supply power to entire households for extended periods.

What is the need to install both generators and batteries? Grid-connected solar panels transfer electricity to utility lines. If they aren't turned off during a power loss, they will continue to deliver electricity, endangering utility personnel trying to repair the lines. That means your solar panels will turn off when the grid goes down to avert any harm.

So you'll need a backup plan if you want your lights to stay on while the rest of your neighborhood goes dark. Many smart homes, especially when it comes to off-grid systems, have both solar panels and generators.

How Much Can You Back Up with the Batteries?

We like to believe in the fiction of whole-house backup or the idea that our 21st-century lifestyle will go on. But sadly, the truth is somewhat different. Backup generators for solar systems designed to ration battery capacity and minimize the use of major appliances perform the best. Creating a battery backup system to solely power vital loads is a more feasible method. Our current housing stock consumes a lot of electricity, and newer dwellings consume even more due to various plugged-in equipment.

Whole-house backup systems have the most difficulty with high-power-use appliances. So, how long can a conventional solar and battery system run while running these larger appliances at night? The answer is that it isn't that long. After only a few periods of automatic whole-home backup, the battery will be dead and unable to power essential loads if any of these appliances are turned on. There isn't a single amenity. A well-designed solar backup generator can provide electricity practically indefinitely, regardless of energy, power, or budgetary constraints.

Important Design Aspects:

There are certain aspects that are important for the design of batteries and generators to work with solar:

  1. When the battery is partially depleted, the energy capacity (kilowatt-hours) and inverter output (kilowatts) should match the home's needs.

  2. The number of backup circuits should be kept to a minimum to avoid overloading the system with too many small gadgets or large appliances.

  3. Even on a cloudy winter day, the solar system should be large enough to recharge the battery partially.

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Supplementing Batteries with Generators

Solar batteries help in saving the energy produced by your solar panels for later use. Combining solar panels with solar batteries to form a 'hybrid backup generator for solar system' has various benefits like access to reliable backup power and independence from your utility.

Solar panels don't work during power outages. Therefore homeowners who want to run their homes without the utility will require a backup power supply. The most common backup power source is a gas generator, which can be put at a residence with solar panels. If you don't have a solar backup generator during a power outage, your solar panels will be turned off.

Can You Charge Solar Batteries with a Generator?

Installing a solar battery is required if you want the solar panels to stay on during a power outage. If you're going to optimize the amount of backup power available to you, you can combine your solar panels with a solar battery and a solar generator. It may seem paradoxical to include a gas generator in your solar plans, but diversifying your options for keeping the lights on in an emergency is always the best strategy. When you combine a natural gas generator with solar panels, you get a well-balanced backup system in the event of a power outage. But that's not all!

Here are some more reasons why combining a gas generator and a solar system is a good idea:

  • Installing both a standby generator and a solar battery will increase your home's resilience against power interruptions. A generator and battery, like solar panels, can't power your home at the same time. Whenever the power goes out, the solar battery will take over and power your home until it runs out. The generator will then start.

  • Suppose you want to have emergency backup power for a day or two that can power your most vital loads, such as your fridge, while also reducing your day-to-day dependency on the utility. In that case, a gas generator will help you.

  • If you live in an area where multi-day power outages are common and you want to be able to power your entire home, combining batteries and generators with solar is the best thing one can do. You can use a standby generator or a solar battery as a backup source, but which is best depends on how you want to utilize it.

  • Solar batteries are best for households who reside in locations with regular power outages, who have access to energy storage incentives, or who don't have full retail net metering. Once you add solar battery storage to your system, it will help you get the most out of your solar panels.

The good news is that solar battery technology is getting cheaper, to the point where solar batteries will be standard on all solar energy systems in the not-too-distant future. If you want to combine your solar panels with storage, make sure you contact Waaree.

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