5kW Solar Systems Price in India, 2022

5kW Solar Systems Price in India, 2022

5 February 2022 at Waaree

A 5kW solar system is the most common medium-capacity solar system, and its popularity is growing every day. Because of its widespread acceptance, it is an ideal choice for 2BHK, 3BHK, and other medium-sized homes, and easy to set up as demonstrated in the Step-by-Step Guide. The 5kW solar system's price in India depends on the type of system.

Since the Step-by-Step Guide of Solar Panel Installation has been explained, now the 5kw solar system prices in India will be demonstrated. There are three types of 5kW solar systems available. The first solar system is on the grid, the second is off the grid, and the third is hybrid. The cost of a 5kW solar system is determined by the kind and brand of the solar system. In this blog, we will focus on the types of solar system.

Types of Solar Power Systems:

5kW (Off-Grid) Solar System with Battery

The off grid solar system is a battery-based, self-contained solar system that does not require a utility grid to operate. It's a comprehensive solar system that includes solar panels, a battery, and a solar inverter. 5kw solar inverter price in India is also cheap. This solar system stands out because it has a power backup. The 5kw solar system price in India with a subsidy differs by brand.

An off-grid solar system, like any other, employs a solar panel to receive sunlight and convert it to power. During the day, solar will power the connected load, with the remaining energy stored in the solar battery. When there is no sunshine at night, the appliances use the battery to keep functioning.

  • Components:
  • To estimate the cost of an off-grid 5kw solar system, you must first understand the components that the system requires to function. They are:

    1. Solar Panel

    2. Solar Inverter

    3. Solar Battery

  • Benefits:
  • In the long term, an off-grid system is a wise investment. It is dependable, efficient, and ecologically friendly, and the 5kw solar panel price in India will depend on the components. It can provide enough electricity to your home without causing a power outage. This will be cost-effective because 5kw solar system price in India with subsidies is low.

  • Pricing:
  • The cost of an off-grid solar system with batteries for a residence ranges from Rs. 41,442 for a 1kW system to Rs. 7 lakh for a 10kW system, including installation, and a major chunk of this cost is the 5kw solar inverter price in India. These are entire solar systems that include solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, structures, and all necessary accessories to power your house, company, or school.

    Solar System Model

    Selling price*

    Price per watt*

    1kW Solar System (12V)

    INR 69,699

    INR 69.69

    1kW Solar System (24V)

    INR 83,199

    INR 83.19

    2kW Solar System

    INR 1,61,399

    INR 80.69

    3kW Solar System

    INR 2,07,499

    INR 69.16

    5kW Solar System

    INR 3,52,199

    INR 70.43

    6kW Solar System

    INR 4,45,256

    INR 74.20

    7.5kW Solar System

    INR 5,17,999

    INR 69.07

    10kW Solar System

    INR 6,41,099

    INR 64.11

5kW (On-Grid) Solar System without Battery

The on-grid solar system, also known as the grid-tied or connected solar system, is connected to the power grid. In terms of power savings or bill reduction, this is the most cost-effective form of the solar system compared to the off-grid and hybrid ones. The solar inverter in this solar system transforms the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC electricity.

  • Components:
  • The components that the system requires to function, which are:

    1. Solar Panel

    2. Solar Inverter

    3. Mounting Structure

  • Benefits:
  • Solar panels installed on the grid are eligible for a government subsidy of up to 70%. It uses 100% solar power generated by solar panels and exports excess solar power to the grid. Cost-effective as the 5kw solar inverter price in India is cheap.

  • Pricing:
  • Investing in a solar system is a wise and cost-effective decision that pays for itself over time by utilizing the most plentiful and free kind of electricity available. You will notice a significant difference in your power expenses after installing a 5kw solar system in your house.

    In India, the cost of an on-grid solar power system ranges from Rs.66,999 for a 1 kW system to Rs.4,37,480 for a 10 kW system with installation. Transportation, installation, net metering, and all other costs are included in purchasing a solar system.

    On Grid Solar Model

    Selling price*

    Price per watt*

    1kW Solar System

    INR 66,999

    INR 66.99

    2kW Solar System

    INR 90,990

    INR 45.50

    3kW Solar System

    INR 1,55,482

    INR 51.83

    5kW Solar System

    INR 2,32,264

    INR 46.45

    8kW Solar System

    INR 3,79,649

    INR 47.45

    10kW Solar System

    INR 4,37,480

    INR 43.74

Hybrid solar systems:

Hybrid solar systems use the city's electrical grid and the in-built battery to ensure the house or property has the required power.

One of the most popular types of inverters is the 5KW solar panel. Top solar companies in India, like Waaree Energies Ltd., Loom Solar, Vikram Solar, Tata Solar etc., produce these inverters. While the key working of the product remains the same, the prices of these products vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These units are often used in medium-to-large size homes, small commercial buildings or individual commercial shops.

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Here are some benefits of buying a 5KW solar panel system:

  1. Money-back guarantee
  2. Installing a solar panel system can make a significant difference in your monthly electricity bills. While many people don't buy a solar panel system because of its cost, you can easily make up the initial investment amount of a 5KW solar panel system in 3-4 years.

  3. Warranty
  4. Solar panels come with 10-12 year warranties. However, this does not mean you have to replace your solar panel at the end of your warranty. Solar panels can easily last up to 20-25 years, provided you have annual or bi-annual inspections.

  5. All applications
  6. The electricity generated by solar panels can be used for all types of electrical requirements. From charging the phone to using the hairdryer, the solar panel can easily power your house and all your daily requirements.

Why is buying the cheapest inverter not the best option?

As you can see from the table above, the price range varies differently. With low prices come cheap components. However, this doesn't mean a customer should directly choose a product that is the cheapest. Instead, we recommend choosing a 5kw solar system based on the brand's reputation.

Waaree Solar produces 5KW inverters in both single and multiple phases. Their products are well known for having a built-in DC switch and multiple layers of protection. You can find out more about products at Waaree Shop.

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  • Q1: How much power does the 5kw solar system produce?
  • Ans. When the weather is bright, a 5kW solar system will typically produce 20 units per day. As a result, it will create 600 units every month on average.

  • Q2: How much space is required to install a 5kw solar system?
  • Ans. A total of 500 square feet of shadow-free area is required to build a 5kw solar system. A solar system can be installed on your roof or the ground.

  • Q3: How many batteries will be installed in the 5kw off-grid solar system?
  • Ans. Batteries are only required if you are establishing an off-grid or hybrid solar system. In a 5kW off-grid solar system, there are about 8 solar batteries with a capacity of 150 Ah.

  • Q4: In the future, is it possible to convert my on-grid solar system into an off-grid solar system?
  • Ans. Yes, an on-grid solar system can be converted to an off-grid solar system. All you have to do now is connect solar batteries to your on-grid solar system. You can take help from Waaree Energies Solar EPC solutions as it will generate a high return on investment by reusing underused land or ground space.

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