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5kW Solar Systems Price in India

19th May 2021  

As India heads towards using a clean energy source, solar panels play an important role in upgrading the country's fuel source.

Types of Solar Power Systems


On-grid solar system:

On-grid solar systems are those that are connected to the city's electricity lines. This type of solar system is generally used to help a household reduce its monthly electricity bills.

Off-grid solar systems:

Off-grid solar systems aren't connected to the city's electrical grid and use batteries to store electricity. This type of system is used for rural areas or houses that don't require more electricity than those produced by the solar panel.

Hybrid solar systems:

Hybrid solar systems use the city's electrical grid and the in-built battery to ensure the house or property has the required power.

One of the most popular types of inverters is the 5KW solar panel. Top solar power companies in India, like Waaree, Loom Solar, Vikram Solar, Tata Solar etc., produce these inverters. While the key working of the product remains the same, the prices of these products vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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These units are often used in medium-to-large size homes, small commercial buildings or individual commercial shops. But before you jump to 5KW inverter price, here are some benefits of buying a 5KW solar panel system:

  1. Money-back guarantee

    Installing a solar panel system can make a significant difference in your monthly electricity bills. While many people don't buy a solar panel system because of its cost, you can easily make up the initial investment amount of a 5KW solar panel system in 3-4 years.
  1. Warranty

    Solar panels come with 10-12 year warranties. However, this does not mean you have to replace your solar panel at the end of your warranty. Solar panels can easily last up to 20-25 years, provided you have annual or bi-annual inspections.
  1. All applications

    The electricity generated by solar panels can be used for all types of electrical requirements. From charging the phone to using the hairdryer, the solar panel can easily power your house and all your daily requirements.

What is the price?

The 5KW solar system price in India with subsidy varies from brand to brand. Look at this table below to get a general idea of how the various solar systems are available before choosing one for your home.

Product Name


Waaree Single Phase Inverter

INR 47,380

Luminous Single Phase Inverter

INR 32,697

Statcon Single Phase Inverter

INR 73,346

UTL Solar Heliac

INR 2,375

Why is buying the cheapest inverter not the best option?

As you can see from the table above, the price range varies differently. With low prices come cheap components. However, this doesn't mean a customer should directly choose a product that is the cheapest. Instead, we recommend choosing a 5kw solar system based on the brand's reputation.

Waaree Solar produces 5KW inverters in both single and multiple phases. Their products are well known for having a built-in DC switch and multiple layers of protection. You can find out more about products at Waaree Shop.

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