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WAAREE Solar Modules

With a legacy of over 30 years manufacturing excellence Waaree Energies provides quality & reliable solar modules in India and worldwide. Waaree has always been able to seize this market and is the current forerunner in the sector. Waaree have supplied 2.5+ GW solar modules globally.


Waaree is the India's largest Tier 1 solar modules manufacturer with a manufacturing facility of 2 GW annually, and produce the best solar panels in India. Waaree's mono and polycrystalline Silicon-based PV solar modules can deliver power ranging from 3Wp to 400Wp.

Some of these solar modules have additional benefits like flex tolerant, rugged, light weight, protection against all sorts of weather condition and directly gives AC power output.

The vast arrays of such solar modules highlight the fact that Waaree has the right product to meet the demands of all customers from Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

This fact goes along with motto which says, 'Rahe Roshan Hamara Nation'

Module Catagories

The solar modules at the Waaree have different categories based on the power generation capability. The PV solar modules produced by the company includes

Frequently Asked Quetions

Majorly two type of solar panels are in use currently i.e. Monocrystalline and Polycrytalline. Both types of solar panels have there own advantages and disadvantages in terms of efficiency, performance, cost and appearance. Technology improvements making solar cells more efficient MONO PERC based solar modules are trending. Waaree is number #1 solar panel manufacturer in India and has largest manufacturing capacity of 2 GW. In a solar energy system, Solar panel is key component, to choose best solar panel manufacturer in India we have to focus on 3 key parameters i.e. Quality , reliability and performance.

Bifacial solar panels uses latest technology solar cells that produces energy from front and rear side. It works on the reflection of the surface. Bifacial cells encapsulated with transparent materials on both side for maximum light absorption. This enables the effective use of light reflected from the ground surface. Additionally, it also helps in reducing the internal temperature of module bettering its performance. Below are few advantages of using these solar modules:

  • Enhanced performance
  • PID free modules
  • Lower Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)

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Yes solar panel works in all seasons and in low sun light also. Only thing solar panels will produce comparatively less power rather then regular power generation in perfect climatic condition of solar power generations. Lower performance of solar modules depends of monsoon and different climatic conditions and it does affect the performance of solar panels.

To choose right solar pv module first you need to check for best solar panel manufacturer in India with lergest number of sales and service centers. Below are parameter to choose right solar panel company.

  • Frame Thickness- Panel with 40 mm of frame thickness
  • Maximum System Voltage- 1500 Volt rated solar panel is the benchmark for the best quality solar panels
  • Sales & Service Centrer- Company have largest number of sales and service centers.

Waaree Energies have over 350 sales & service nwtwork in India.

The AC module (also known as plug and play module) as the name suggest directly produces grid compatible solar energy with AC output. This is possible due to an extra device known as micro-inverter which is now mostly integrated with the junction boxes of solar pv modules.
This micro inverter is connected individually to each module performing two important functions namely:

  • Conversion of the Direct Current (DC) power to AC power
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) of the solar module

Waaree one of the largest solar panel manufacturer in India and largest vertically integrated solar company have range of solar AC modules.
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