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Waaree is seasoned EPC player in Solar Arena with execution expertise of more than 600 MW of solar PV power plants. We offer an extensive plethora of solar EPC solutions catering to investors, developers, commercial & industrial customers and help them adapting solar power. As a leading solar EPC company WAAREE executes projects right from concepts to commissioning including its operations & maintenance.

WAAREE's provides turn key EPC services for rooftop/ground mount/floating solar solution worldwide.




Our Offerings



Waaree Energies Solar EPC solutions will provide a good return on investment by utilizing idle roof space / Land. Waaree provides customized EPC solution as per your need and energy consumption. It will also help to reduce / hedge the cost of power from solar at Rs 3.5 - 5 /unit * & can give 3 – 5* years on payback of investment. Commercial & Industrial customers are eligible for Accelerated depreciation benefits for renewables under IT section 32 on investment for solar rooftops, whereas the depreciation claim shall be at 40% of project value in 1st year*.

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Waaree Energies solar rooftop solutions for institutions can help a great deal in savings of operating expenditure for institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations. Customer can avail net metering offered from state electricity utility companies, any excess generation from solar can be net benefited with reduction in electricity bills.




Solar rooftop carport is one of the fastest growing trends in photovoltaic solution. Sunsoko's leads in offering & implementing the solutions for solar powered car park, where user can capitalise on un tapped ground / parking for solar energy generation.




Waaree Energies Solar provides private solar farm solutions across India to commercial and Industrial power consumer with zero or minimum investment (i.e. Third Party and Group Captive) at a discount to grid electricity tariff. We also offer "captive" solutions for those who prefer to own the solar parks by themselves.
*RESCO Model
*CAPEX Model
*GROUP Captive




Waaree provides solar park solution to commercial & industrial power consumers. We also offer "captive" solutions for those who prefer to own the solar parks by their consumption.





Waaree offers End-to-End Solutions:


Land Aquisition / Site Survey

Solar Irradiance Assessment

Infrastructure & Power Evacuation

Supply Chain Management

Installation & Commissioning

Communication Network Setup





Our Key Projects



50 MW Vietnam

Babaji Shivram 70 KW with AC module

Mumbai Metro - 2.7 MW




Frequently Asked Quetions

A solar company that provides Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of a full solar power system. An EPC company provides end-to-end solution from designing of project to commissioning also provides continuous support in maintaining the system. While installing solar power system you need to first find out the right solar EPC solution company.

An solar EPC company take the responsibility of completing whole project. Below are the key services provided by solar EPC solution company:

  • Land acquisition and Site Survey to check project viability
  • Designing of the project
  • Infrastructure and power evacuation
  • Supply chain management
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Communication Network

The solar park is a concentrated zone of development of solar power generation projects and provides developers an area that is well characterized, with proper infrastructure and access to amenities and where minimum risk also less affords required in paper works for project implementation.
The most important benefit from the solar park for the private developer is the significant time saved. Power Purchase Agreement should be signed by the solar park developer (may be a private sector entity) with state and central government utilities who purchases power. Price will be set in accordance with the regulations of Central Electricity Regulation Authority.

Its tax incentive provided by central/state government (if any) for commercial and industrial users in order to promote solar power/clean energy. the Govt. of India offers accelerated depreciation of fixed assets associated with a solar power plant. The current rate of acceleration which can be claimed in a year is 40% (May change as per latest policies).The accelerated depreciation benefit allows the commercial and industrial users of solar power in India to depreciate their investment in a Solar Power Plant at a much higher rate than general fixed assets. This in return allows the user to claim tax benefits on the value depreciated in a given year.

To choose best solar epc company for your upcoming projects first you need to find out the company have proven track record and also check below points:

  • Uses equipment from trusted manufacturer or Manufacturers of solar modules and equipment
  • Is a full service solution provider
  • Management team or project team must be knowledgeable and experienced in technical details
  • Have largest sales & service network