Solar Business Opportunity - Become Waaree franchisee

The solar power industry in India is growing every year and is projected to become the fourth largest solar market globally in 2017-18. There is tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses to participate in this market which is approx Rs.2.4 lakh crore and growing.

With the recent green initiatives taken by the Indian government, there is a tremendous amount of solar business opportunity. Indian Solar Industry is growing with CAGR of 35%, this is right time to invest and tap into the Solar Business Opportunity by owning a solar franchisee in India.

You can easily have your own solar franchise in India by becoming Waaree’s channel partner. With Waaree, you will have access to premium quality products, competitive prices which would mean better margin for you, strong support for pre and post-marketing as well as advanced training from professionals in the sales and technical fields. You will have to make minimum investments and gain maximum advantage. Therefore, you should not miss this solar business opportunity that is readily available to you. Waaree is India’s largest integrated solar solution service provider and module manufacturing company. Waaree is providing opportunity for solar franchise in India that lets you explore the best solar business opportunity.

Benefits of becoming a Channel Partner with Waaree

Becoming a channel partner with us is not only about selling products but it is about becoming an 'End to End Vertically Integrated Solar Solutions' provider. Our partners are a single stop solution for solar projects from Finance to Execution to Maintenance. This means that you are more than just a seller, you influence the entire value chain.


Partnering - Not Dealership/ Distributorship