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Waaree is one of India's leading solar power company providing innovative solutions for homes as well as for industry, roof tops and utilities.

Delighting Customers

Waaree has sucessfully served and partnered with leading companies to implement innovative solar solutions.

The Right Cost

Find the right solar solution for your needs by evaluating your location and requirements.


To Whomsoever It May Concern

It has come to our knowledge that certain individuals/entities representing themselves as a chief compliance officer or an official representative of Waaree, is offering jobs in USA or other places and collecting fee from the candidates, fraudulently issuing offer letters on the false letterhead, showing signed by the promoter of Waaree.

We hereby publicly notify that one should not lured by such requests or representation. The same may be bought to the knowledge of the company and be validated by writing to the company on the email address waaree@waaree.com or calling Pujan Doshi on +91-22-6644 4444.

The company shall not be responsible for any Financial damage or otherwise caused to any individual acting on such fraudulent representation.

Viren Doshi