Solar Thermal

WAAREE brings to you high efficiency Customised Solar Thermal Applications for Industries, Community Institutions and Households, which replaces Fossil Fuel Consumptions to the great extent through Green and Clean Energy.

Its a fact that 44% of overall energy demand is suffice through Thermal Energy globally and India is the 5th Largest consumer of Fossil Fuels which makes it necessary to opt for Clean and Green sustainable energy solutions at the earliest wherever its best suited. 

Over 6,000+ customers of Waaree across India are enjoying the benefits and savings through applications of Waaree Solar Thermal which has resulted in over 13,500+ tons of Co2 displacement annually. Waaree Solar Thermal applications are not only win-win for the environment and the people but it is quite essential to safeguard global warming.

Indian Solar Business is on great boom through All Round Positives. Indian market has potential of 9.52 million litres of Solar Thermal Applications with projection of 18.7 million litres with the most optimistic approach.  These give enormous savings of 1,42,80,000+ Tons carbon dioxide.