Rooftop solar installations has shown a paradigm shift in adaptation of solar power system and people are now adopting a solar system for homes in India. One of the factors that are preventing a massive conversion in this sector is the solar panel price in India. The launch of the rooftop solar kit is aimed at reducing the time, cost and manpower involved in rooftop installations and adapt solar system for homes in India. This solar kit will need just two people and approximately 15 to 30 minutes for installation and available in 1-5 KW range currently.
Do-It-yourself solar kit € Pronto is available at all Waaree Solar Experience Centres, this revolutionary product is set to transform the renewable energy sector in the country by making clean energy accessible to all.
Waaree has been in the country for 29+ years and is accustomed to the concerns of the people which is why they went the extra length to produce one of the best quality solar panel systems with a very reasonable solar panel price. Comparing the rest of the solar panel prices in India, Waaree has been able to provide the best quality solar panels.



  • Quick Installation - 1KW can be installed in 30 min.
  • Qualified material, suitable for tender and Gov. projects.
  • Reduced purchase time.
  • Least man power requirement - only 2 people required
  • Optimum design for maximum power generation
  • Waaree's latest easy to install solar module mounting structure. Limited to 3 components per structure set.
  • No penetration on the surface for structure installation
  • Inverter with latest MPPT technology with remote monitoring



PRONTO - Do It Yourself Kit (1KW - 5KW)