Off-Grid Inverters

Waaree's off-grid inverters, also known as stand-alone inverters, are the ones that don't need to be hooked up to a solar panel. Instead, they draw the required DC power from batteries charged using PV arrays or other resources like engine generators, hydro turbines, and wind turbines. Since these inverters are isolated from their utility grids, they don't require any anti-islanding protection. Further, they can't export excess solar electricity back into the grid. Off-grid inverters are used in remote areas or when people want to live completely independently of the grid.

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4KW to 20KW

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10 Years

Inverter Warranty
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PWM/MPPT built-in solar charge controllers
Optimum solar power usage
Maintaining the battery gravity
Instant changeover for computers, servers & sensitive loads
Smart Solar Selection Logic
Hybrid battery Charging
Use as a conventional inverter in absence of solar power

  • Smart Solar Selection Logic based on built in Real Time.
  • Optimum solar power usage with high current solar charge controller
  • Simultaneously Charge batteries by Solar and Grid
  • Provision for maintaining the battery gravity once in month
  • Ability to provide 100% rated power directly from solar panel
  • Intelligently gives the priority to solar power & takes the balance from Mains
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Off- Grid Inverters