Start Your Own Solar Business in India

Start Your Own Solar Business in India

30 June 2021 at Warree

Solar Energy is on the boom in India as more people realize the advantages of renewable energy. Currently, solar panels can be used for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. With over 100 solar companies currently operating in India, you can also start your own solar business.

Starting a solar business in India does not take high start-up capital or time. Instead, you should focus on what type of business you want to start. There are various opportunities that you can take advantage of. In this article, we’ll discuss the answer to the most common question: how to start a solar company?

How to start a solar business?

Before you start googling "How to start a solar company?” you should understand what a solar company consists of. Instead of jumping head-first and investing capital in a new business, start as a solar Dealer.

  1. Solar dealer
  2. The solar dealership is the simplest solar business you can start. You should first approach any company, like Waaree, to become their solar panel dealer. Then, purchase or rent a retail shop or operate from your home. You don’t need to stock solar panels in this space; instead, you need to keep one demo unit. With this unit, you can demonstrate the use of the product for all customers. For each customer you get, you’ll receive a commission.

  3. Solar distributor
  4. The solar business in India is becoming popular. However, if you already have a full-time profession, you can work as a solar distributor. The job of a distributor is similar to that of a dealer. However, the major difference is that you need to have a GST number and in-depth knowledge of the industry to become a distributor.

  5. Solar installer
  6. If you’re an experienced electrician, becoming a solar installer is the answer to your question: "how to start a solar business?” To start your own business as a solar installer, you need to have in-depth knowledge of electrical installations.

  7. Solar service center
  8. You can start your own solar business in India by opening a service center. Your primary responsibility here would be to provide all types of technical support to your clients. You will also have to keep in touch with other solar distributors, installers, and dealers to obtain more clients. Additionally, to start a solar service center, you will need in-depth knowledge of solar panels, house wirings, and electrical connections.

  9. Solar panel manufacturer
  10. While this is one of the answers to "how to start a solar business?” It is generally substantial. To establish yourself as a manufacturer, you will need to invest high start-up costs for labor, machinery, and space. However, once you establish yourself, it will pay off.

These are the five basic methods through which you can start your own business. However, these can also be used as steps.

Choosing top solar manufacturers for business

For engaging with big manufacturers of solar panels, choose Waaree Energies Limited. You can start as a Solar Dealer, establish yourself as a distributor, and become a service center. The biggest advantage of a solar business is that anyone can start one.