Solar Powered House In Ladakh

Solar Powered House In Ladakh

8 July 2021 at Waaree

Ladakh is not connected to the national electricity grid of India. Before 1971, the region used primitive sources of fuel to produce energy. However, the booming tourism industry in Ladakh has given rise to new demands. The Union Territory encourages the use of sustainable energy, and solar power is highly demanded.

Why a solar-powered house is a necessity in Ladakh

The necessity of using solar power in Ladakh stems from its climatic conditions. Ladakh is a primarily cold region and has extreme weather conditions. The standards of living in Ladakh have not changed much since 1971, owing to the inaccessibility of the region. Thus using solar energy to power appliances is a very cost-effective solution for inhabitants.

The USP of the Ladakh solar home is the rooftop. Unlike usual rooftops, this one will have a solar roofing solution. The solar rooftop will protect people from heavy snowfall. It will keep them cozy throughout the chilly Ladakh winters. Solar roofing provides better service than solar panels as it can withstand the climate of Ladakh.

Moreover, the price of electricity in India is slated to increase. Privatization of electricity has led to considerable changes in prices. Mumbai witnessed a massive increase in electricity bills in 2020. In the current scenario, even remote regions like Ladakh are not exempt from surge pricing. It is, therefore, better to invest once in a solar rooftop in Ladakh.

How can a solar home in Ladakh cut your expenses

The world is moving on from primitive methods of energy consumption. You can no longer rely on fuels like dung cakes to power your appliances. Moreover, solar energy is more sustainable than fuels.

Imagine if you had to use electricity 24/7 in your house. The usage would result in increased expenditure as your energy bills will surge up. However, solar energy is much cheaper than exhaustible energy. It is abundant and less damaging to the environment.

Thanks to the innovative anti-glare solar panel, you can get electricity 24/7 in Ladakh. It makes electricity more accessible to the masses and helps them improve their standards of living.

Bottom line: Ladakh solar home is the future

A solar-powered housein Ladakh provides long-term solutions to its electricity problem. There is no scarcity of solar energy, and it comes at a cheaper price than thermal energy. Getting a solar rooftop in Ladakh will be cost-effective and keep you cozy through the winter. It is a one-stop solution for civilians, soldiers, and tourists in Ladakh. Moreover, the government of Ladakh encourages the use of solar energy to reduce its carbon footprint.

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