Solar Panels for Home, Office & Shop Price in India

Solar Panels for Home, Office & Shop Price in India

16 December 2021 at Waaree

We all understand what solar panels are, right? But do you have any idea why one needs a solar panel at home or what's the solar panel for home price in India? Well, we'll discuss everything here in this blog. Let's first have a look at what solar panels are.

To put it simply, solar panels are devices that capture direct sunlight and convert them to energy or heat. The most common question that comes to our minds is why people install solar panels at home or work. It's because these panels have many benefits.

The primary perk of solar panels is that it is a splendid way to save money on electricity. Other than this, solar panels installed in homes serve to fight harmful greenhouse gas emissions. In this way, it helps to prevent global warming.

Now that you have got why we need solar panels, let's understand it a little better.

What Do I Need To Install Solar Systems In My Home Or Office?

While talking about solar panel systems, there are many questions that'll come to mind. For example, what is the solar panel price in India for home use, or how can one install it at home. We'll deal with all these questions here.

You should be aware that solar panel systems are made up of many parts and not just solar panels. You can potentially connect your panels directly to the devices you want to power, but this may not be enough for all of them.

Therefore, to put up a robust and adaptable solar power system, you'll need:

  • Solar Cells
  • Nothing surprising, right? Any solar power system is assembled on the cornerstone of solar cells. A solar panel is made up of a group of individual solar cells. When a cell is exposed to light, it produces electrical energy.

    Your solar panel system can attain a variety of volt and ampere ratings depending on the nature of the connections between your solar cells. As a result, your solar panels can have a variety of power output ratings.

  • Charge Controller
  • A solar panel system's power generation differs depending on the quantity of sunlight it gets. Since the sun moves across the sky during the day, panels produce various amounts of power at different times. For this purpose, a charge controller is required. It allows you to quickly adjust the amount of electricity you require at any given time.

  • Battery
  • As stated before, power from a charge controller is stored in a battery. Because of this, a battery becomes important. A battery stores the energy generated by your solar power system according to its amp hour rating.

  • Power Inverter
  • Last but not least, a power inverter is crucial. Direct Current (DC) power is provided by solar cells. This indicates that the current is only flowing in one direction.

    However, many electrical appliances need alternating current power or AC. Because of this, a versatile solar panel system should include a power inverter, which transforms DC power from the batteries or solar panels to AC power suited for a home's electrical system.

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Does A Solar System Require A Battery For Storage?

Many people ask, "Do solar panels need batteries?" I guess you have got the answer if you're reading this piece thoroughly.

If not, then you should know that the answer is YES! Your solar system needs batteries because there are times when you are not using the power, and there you'll need something to store the energy. And you can easily store the energy in batteries.

If you want to see how much potential value battery storage can offer to your home, have a look at your energy bills after using batteries with your solar panels.

Now let's have a look at the cost of solar panels.

How Much Is The Cost Of Solar Panels?

Even though solar panels produce free electricity, there are always fees involved with their installation. Prices are determined by a few major elements such as efficiency, capacity, and location.

Apart from that, solar panels can be classified based on a variety of factors, such as the number of junctions or the generation to which they belong. Prices can even differ according to the type of solar panels. In short, solar panels cost approximately anything from Rs. 180 to Rs. 250 per watt.

Having a solar panel system at home is beneficial, but you should be highly careful about its maintenance.

What Do I Need To Do for Solar System Maintenance?

Maintenance is necessary no matter what kind of electrical system you're having at home or your workplace. The most common thing you're supposed to do is regularly check your solar panel system.

In your regular maintenance sessions, you should do the following:

  • You should clean your solar cells and PV panels regularly.

  • You should clean all the thermal-based components at regular intervals.

  • You should service the HT side equipment annually.

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Other than these, you will have to keep an eye on these things:

  • Circuit testing and maintenance

  • Always measure the earth value

  • And yes, don't forget to manage all the warranties

These simple steps are enough for your solar panel maintenance.

How Long Is The Warranty Period For A Solar System?

The majority of solar panel equipment warranty periods are between 10-15 years, while some luxury panels have up to 25 years.

Till now you must have understood that solar panels at home or the workplace are quite beneficial. But to enjoy the perks of solar panels, you must first need a proper installation of your system. You can choose Waaree for this!

About Waaree Energies

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Other than that, it is India's leading EPC, solar rooftop solutions, solar water pumps, and self-generation firm. Waaree is available in over 350 centres in the United States and 68 countries worldwide. Book your appointment with Waaree for your solar panel needs now!

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