Solar Panel Subsidy in Kerala [2022]

28 May 2021 at Waaree

The next big revolution that will change India for the better is the solar revolution. India is at the cusp of this revolution with the highest rate of Solar panel installation globally. Solar energy can provide us with a clean source of energy. Unlike the archaic methods of producing electricity that depend on non-renewable sources like coal or petrol, solar energy is green energy that can help substantially reduce the amount of pollution in India.

Many states have started providing incentives to entice residential owners to make the switch. Kerala is no different. Kerala aims to turn every house into a power station by installing solar panels. The Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research and Technology (ANERT) provides attractive incentives and subsidies.

There are many benefits to opt for solar panel installation in Kerala

  • Electricity bill
  • With the electricity bill skyrocketing, now is the perfect time to switch to a clean energy source like solar panels. You can install an off-grid solar panel in your home. This not only reduces pollution but also reduces your electricity bill significantly.

  • Security from price fluctuation
  • The electric rates fluctuate very often, and unaccounted fluctuation severely damages our savings. However, installing a solar panel makes you self-sufficient. Fluctuations in the market have little to no effect on your monthly energy bill.

  • Energy backup
  • Very often, due to heavy monsoons in Kerala, there is a power cut during the day. In this day and age electricity is everything and a power cut is a major inconvenience. However, this problem can be solved with the help of solar panel installation in Kerala and connecting it to an inverter. The inverter will store the extra energy for use when the power goes out.

Solar subsidy scheme in Kerala 2022

To support people switching from non-renewable energy to renewable energy, there is ANERT solar subsidy 2022. These subsidies aim at taking a burden off people, housing group societies and residential welfare associations.

The Solar subsidy scheme in Kerala 2022 aims to install solar panels and reduce the people's dependence on the government's power supply. This supply can then be used for commercial areas that require more energy.

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The biggest benefit the ANERT solar subsidy 2022 has for the customers is the financial help provided during installation. The Kerala state government is willing to provide individuals with 40 per cent subsidies if they purchase the unit themselves.

Details on the subsidies provided by the state government about the subsidies provided are listed below.

  • State subsidy amount- 40% for first 3 KWp 20% for each additional KWp up to 10kW
  • Rooftop solar system size- Up to 10 kW
  • Price for the customer when monthly consumption is 120 units- 12%
  • Price for the customer when monthly consumption is 150 unit - 20%
  • Price for the customer when monthly consumption is 200 unit - 25%

With the government providing such generous subsidies, it is perfect for switching to green energy and installing solar panels. At Waaree Energies, you get top-quality solar panels from a reliable, well trusted and one of the leading Solar Panel Manufacturers in India.

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