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All You Need To Know About Floating Solar Panels?

2nd July 2021  

Every rooftop will not be appropriate for solar panels; variables such as shade, obstacles, age, and free space may lead homeowners to explore alternative places for solar panel installations. When dealing with large solar power projects, ground mount solar panels or solar canopies are the most prevalent alternatives to rooftop solar-powered systems. However, a better option has considerably impacted the solar power industry, which is floating solar panels.

What are floating solar panels?

Floating solar panels, often referred to as floating photovoltaic (FPV) panels, would be any solar panels that float on water. Solar panels need to be attached to a structure that holds them much above the surface. If you end up coming through floating solar panel installations, it'll most certainly be situated in a lake since the water seems to be usually calmer there. Floating solar panel systems are also commonly seen on large artificial bodies of water, such as reservoirs.

Floating solar panels are a relatively recent phenomenon. In 2008, the first patent for this sort of solar technology was issued. Ever since, floating solar panels have primarily been installed in China, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Benefits of floating solar panels

Floating solar panels are more than simply a stylish solar panel installation; they also accompany a few benefits.

Environmental benefits

The water in floating solar panel installations aids in cooling the solar-powered systems. The floating solar panel installation shades the bodies of water and decreases evaporation in ponds, reservoirs, and lakes. This is an incredibly beneficial environmental advantage of solar energy in locations prone to droughts, where water loss because of evaporation may mount up over time and lead to scarcity.

Decrease in loss of valuable land space

One of the most significant advantages of floating solar panels is that they do not need any land area. The majority of these solar panel systems may use underutilized water bodies, like hydroelectric dam reservoirs, wastewater treatment ponds, and drinking water reservoirs.

Enhanced solar panel efficiency

As with other electronics, increased temperatures result in lower power outputs. The effectiveness of a solar panel decreases as temperatures increase, which might be troubling for property owners wishing to install solar panels in a hot and sunny region.

The water bodies that house the floating solar panels will aid in cooling the solar-powered systems, which implies that the floating solar panel installation will boost the effectiveness of a solar panel in hot regions more than it would otherwise.

If you are interested in obtaining solar electricity, choosing floating solar panels can be a better choice. Technically it is a lot easier to install than rooftop solar panels or ground mount solar panels. If you're looking for a solar power system for your large-scale company or community, then floating solar panels are the ideal choice for you!

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