Is Farming And Solar Panels Good Together?

Is Farming And Solar Panels Good Together?

28 May 2021 at Waaree

Solar panels act as one of the most fruitful solutions to the pressing concerns of climate change and shrinking life-sustaining resources throughout the world. They provide sustainable and cost-efficient electricity to a number of sectors, and agriculture is no exception. A solar panel farm can efficiently generate enough electricity to fuel its day-to-day processes. Read on to find out how installing solar panels can alleviate and advance everyday farming.

Agrivoltaics or Agrophotovoltaics

It is a process of farming crops under solar panels that helps uplift food production, save water, and is efficient in terms of energy production.

Benefits of using solar power plant for agriculture

With the unique and environmentally friendly idea of a solar panel for agriculture, farmers can see progress in terms of farming and cultivation. Let’s find out how!

  • Solar-powered irrigation
  • The area that benefits the most from a solar power plant in agricultural land is irrigation. In many rural areas of our country, the access to the electricity grid is not always assured. In such a scenario, farmers cannot rely on the traditional irrigation system. It is an application of solar water pumps for fields, gardening or watering. Farmers can secure a safe energy source by using an independent and alternative energy system like a solar system for farm.

    The solar energy is converted into electrical energy when the solar cells of a solar panel absorb sunlight. Well, we already know plants need more water when it is sunny, so energy is available when it is required.

  • Solar refrigeration
  • Cooling and refrigeration is a significant process in agricultural production and processing. It is used for preservation after any harvest is being done and is generally a highly energy-consuming process. Solar-powered cooling presents an ideal and clean energy opportunity for crop preservers and farmers in the rural areas who do not have access to the national grid.

  • Fairly economical
  • Using a solar panel for agriculture is way cheaper than fossil fuels. The installation will cost a good sum, but once a farmer recovers the invested amount, the energy you generated will be free of cost. Moreover, the state and central governments grant subsidies which will help them with the cost of installation.

  • Technological advancement
  • Working in a solar panel farm will equip a farmer for more high-tech advancements. Once they start adopting solar systems for farms, they will be able to reach their production goals efficiently. This will encourage businesses and researchers to provide farmers with more progressive apparatus. 

  • Storable energy
  • Technological development has made it possible for farmers to store solar energy using batteries to use later. Farmers can easily stock up on solar energy during the hottest hours and utilize it as and when needed. Besides that, they can also sell the excess generated electricity and earn through it.

The energy resulting from solar radiation accounts for about 99.9% of all energy available on Earth, and it makes no sense to let it go unutilized. Today, more and more farmers and agriculturalists are understanding this, and farms are thriving on solar energy.

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