Can Solar Panel Cool Off Your Air Conditioner - Solar Panels For Ac

28 May 2021 at Waaree

The push for clean energy and climate change has called for the adoption of greener sources of energy. Amidst this push, the use of solar energy for our needs like running appliances at homes. Offices etc., has been a trend that is picking up.

The air conditioner, which is one of the heavy on energy consumption devices, can also run smoothly on solar energy. Do many people doubt that can an air conditioner run on solar power? The answer to this is yes. The solar-powered air conditioner is not a very strange or new kind of thing these days. The solar panels that are used to capture the sunlight and turn it into usable electric energy can power the air conditioner as well.

The solar panel air conditioner is a new greener way to keep yourself cool in summers. While the air conditioners have been labeled as environmentally damaging due to the CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon), the solar-powered air conditioners are like a blessing. Not only in residential or home but the solar panel air conditioner can serve the need in commercial and industrial space as well.

In places like hospitals, offices, etc., where they are needed, 24 x 7 solar air conditioners can deliver the performance.

What are its advantages?

Having talked about the environmental benefits of the solar panel air conditioner, we should also look at other positives of it. Other benefits come in when you opt for the solar air conditioner for your cooling needs. These include:

  • Savings: Electricity bill is something on which we all look for ways to get some savings. With the switch to the solar air conditioner, this happens. You can save the bills of units that your air conditioner sucks. You can also power other devices on solar energy to get the benefits.

  • Efficiency: In terms of performance and efficiency, the solar power run air conditioner does well. They don’t face supply fluctuation issues that are there in regular to home electricity line supply. Though we manage it with stabilizers, there is still some effect on the device.
  • With the solar-powered setup, you don’t feel that variations much as the source of power and consumption are at the same place. Thus, negligible transmission distortion and power loss.

  • Maintenance: The maintenance of the solar-powered air conditioner is also not hectic like the usual ones. They require regular, timely attention like filter cleaning, piping, etc., to keep performing well for long.

Where to get one?

To get the solar air conditioner installed, you don’t have to worry much. You can search online and can find quality service providers near you easily. With over three decades of experience in the domain, Waaree Energies Ltd. presents a good option for delivering you the desired service.

Based on the need, you can get on-grid and off-grid solar systems installed at your location to get the solar-powered air conditioner working. Waaree energies provide both kinds of installation services to the clients. Thus, you can opt for them.