Buy Waaree Solar Panel For Water Pump, Street Light & Home At Low Cost

Buy Waaree Solar Panel For Water Pump, Street Light & Home At Low Cost

28 May 2021 at Waaree

According to the reports of 2020, India ranks third in the world for investments in renewable energy. This results from the government's promotional activities to boost electricity production by using solar energy. There has been a rapid surge in India's solar energy capacity over the past years. The latest being 39,211 MW.

Several companies are emerging in the solar business, and solar industries are one of the fastest developing industries of India. What started with the popularity of on-grid solar power systems has now come to the launch of more sophisticated solar power products.

For instance, Waaree offers innovative solar-powered water pumps, street lights and much more. These have Waaree solar panels directly connected to them.

What is the need for solar water pumps?

In urban areas, the water pumps are used domestically for home use and gardening. At the same time, the use of water pumps in rural areas stems from agricultural water needs. The pump market of India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7%. Hence, more and more people are using these pumps as farming becomes up to date.

Waaree solar water pumps

Water pumps run on fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel, which amounts to environmental hazards. Moreover, it may not be financially feasible as well. This is when a Waaree solar panel water pump serves as the best alternative.

  • It is available as DC and AC category motors
  • Waaree solar panel water pump has an efficiency of 80-90%
  • The motor works on variable frequency depending on sun intensity
  • Motor speed ranges from 900-3600 rpm

Apart from basic agriculture, these solar water pumps can be used for residential apartments, hotels, resorts, and also for salt farming. Waaree solar panel price with 1 hp power is approximately Rs. 1,60,000.

Waaree solar street light

Waaree offers an all-in-one solar street light model WEPSWS612. It has a wide range of benefits like automatic operation, no cables, batteries and many more.

  • Are available in models 5W,12W,20W LED
  • Has motion sensor inserted
  • Low installation cost
  • Can be mounted on walls

The cost of lighting streets with solar lights is considerably lower as compared to older street lights. Its low maintenance is also an added advantage.

Waaree solar panels for home

Waaree has a wide range of PV module solar panels that can be installed on the rooftop. These are available in various series based on the power output generated.

  • ARUN SERIES 40Wp - 235Wp
  • ADITYA SERIES 250Wp - 350Wp Poly/Multi Crystalline Cells
  • ARKA SERIES 315Wp - 400Wp Mono PERC Cells
  • AHNAY SERIES 380Wp - 400Wp Bi-facial Modules

Waaree solar panel 330Wp price ranges from 8 to 10 thousand. For more information on solar products, visit Waaree Solar.

Waaree has been offering solar energy solutions for the past 30 years. In addition to the PV solar modules, we also offer integrated solar products. This includes solar street light, solar bag, mobile charger, and li-ion batteries. To get a detailed waaree solar panel price list, contact us through this inquiry.