Best And Top 10 Solar Inverters In 2022 - Features And Reviews

Best And Top 10 Solar Inverters In 2022 - Features And Reviews

26 May 2021 at Waaree

Solar panels are gaining popularity as more people find out about the environmental hazard the traditional power sources pose. However, if you're looking to install solar panels, you should remember that the inverter is just as important as the solar panel mounting structure.

10 best solar inverters in 2022

Here are the 10 best inverters that are compatible with most solar panel structure design.

  1. Waaree Single Phase Inverters
  2.  These inverters show almost no dissipation when they aren't in use. They can be used outdoors and have an in-built switch. Additionally, they are compact and require almost no maintenance.


    • Maximum efficiency: 97.8%

    • Capacities: 1kW to 6kW
  1. Luminous Solar NXG1400 12v Solar Home UPS inverter 
  2. This inverter comes with an Eco-mode that ensures you are saving power automatically. The intelligent technology also includes fast charging mode and power saving which is useful for households with power cuts.


    • Saves 1.5 units of power per day

    • Maximum efficiency: 85%
  1. V-Guard Smart Pro 1100S
  2. It can easily be controlled through an app due to its Bluetooth connectivity feature. The product's biggest selling point is its turbo-charge feature.


    • Capacity: 740W

    • 5V DC power available to mobile/tablet even after the inverter is off.
  1. Luminous Solar Hybrid 1400
  2. The biggest selling feature of this product is its durability. The product comes with a 2-year warranty and is best suited for homes with low power usage.


    • Saves up to 5 units per day

    • Maximum capacity: 900 VA
  1. Exide 12V 40Amps Solar Charge Controller
  2. Exide's solar inverter has one of the lowest power consumptions. This can be attached to the solar mounting structure to ensure the charging is done smoothly.


    • Charging efficiency: 95%

    • Maximum Capacity: 850VA
  1. Delta Solar inverters
  2. They are compatible with both types of solar panel structure – thin film and crystalline. The standard product comes with a 5-year warranty.


    • Capacity range: 3kW to 125kW (RPI Series)

    • Capacity range: 1MW to 3MW (DeICEN series)
  1. Luminous Solar 9.5KW off-grid hybrid inverter
  2. Features:

    • Maximum efficiency: 97%

    • It can be connected to a solar grid of up to 7.5kW

    The inverter comes with a 2-year warranty and is designed in a way that there will be no lasting damage to the inverter or the solar power system due to short circuits.

  1. Sukam Chromium Steel 1100Va Brainy Echo
  2. The biggest advantage of Sukam inverter is that it can be connected to three solar panel mounting structures. The inverter can take almost 900W without any damage and ensure there is no overloading.


    • Maximum voltage capacity: 230V

    • Equipped with Miniature circuit breaker
  1. UTL Gamma + 224 Inverter
  2. This inverter is an ideal product for anyone who wants to use it to power basic household gadgets like a fridge, water heater, mixer, etc.


    • Maximum Capacity: 2KVA

    • Requires 2 batteries
  1. MICROTEK digital solar UPS M-SUN-1135 VA
  2. The inverter is made for easy monitoring and can be mounted on any solar structures. This product is suitable for a household with frequent power fluctuation and includes grid-based technology.


    • Charging time: 6-8 hours

    • Compatible only with 12V system

The solar inverter is responsible for converting DC power to AC power. The latter is used by all household appliances. Using the right converter will ensure you don't lose too much energy during the conversion.
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