1kW On-Grid Solar System Price in India (2022)

31 May 2021 at Warree

The on-grid solar system is further known as a grid-tie or connected solar system. Having a 1kW on-grid inverter price is believed to be the most effective type for solar systems than off-grid and hybrid solar systems for electricity saving or reducing bills. In this solar system, a solar inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panel into AC electricity, which can then be utilized directly at home or business.

Due to its various uses, individuals nowadays actively look for a 1kW on-grid solar system price in India and are keen on learning everything about a 1kW on-grid solar system and its functionality.

Benefits of On-Grid Solar System

  1. Massive reduction in electricity bills
  2. With a net meter in place, the user has to pay only for the residue electricity he uses, assuring the bill produced every month is decreased drastically. Many of the users even have been able to reduce their monthly bills by 90%.

  3. Easy sustenance
  4. The exclusion of batteries in the on-grid system makes maintenance relatively easy. It also excludes the cost of upkeep of the batteries.

  5. Synchronize with additional sources of power
  6. These systems can additionally synchronize with a diesel generator on site. This is essential in case grid power is not available.

  7. Better ROI
  8. 1KW on grid inverter price is cheaper than other kinds of solar systems because there are no batteries. It also creates the highest amount of power compared to other types of solar systems. The minimum maintenance and decline in monthly energy bills guarantee the customer gains an ROI of 25 – 30%. This suggests the consumer makes Rs.25,000 for each 1,00,000 they invest in solar.

Components of On-grid Solar System

A grid-tied solar system contains the following components in it:

  • Solar Photovoltaic modules / Panels
  • DC-AC grid-tied solar inverter
  • Installation kit consisting of mounting structures, ACDB, DCDB, A.C, D.C wire, Connectors, lighting arrestors, earthling cables.

Specification of 1kW On-Grid Solar System



Solar Power Plant

 1 kW

Solar Panel in Watt

 335 watt

Solar Panel Qty

3 nos

On-Grid Solar Inverter

1 kW

MC4 Connector

2 Pair

Solar Structure

1 KW

Junction Box

1 Nos

DC Cable

30 Mtr

AC Cable

20 Mtr

Space required

 100 sq feet

Solar Accessories

Cable Tie, Fasteners, Crimping Tool, Lighting Arrestor, Earthing Kit


Price of 1kW On Grid Solar System

1kW On Grid Solar System Price in India is approximately between Rs.42000 - Rs. 60000 . This pricing could vary. This is an approximate number. You have to pay an extra charge for a remote monitoring device.

Opting for solar energy is the best possible way to cut costs on energy bills, which is why a majority of people are entering into the universe of solar energy. Waaree is the top name when it comes to solar energy products in India. It can aid you with all your solar system acquisitions accompanying its installation and maintenance at the most affordable and reasonable price range.

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