1 KW Solar Panel Price in India [2022]

1 KW Solar Panel Price in India [2022]

20 January 2022 at Waaree

The 1KW instant self-consumption kit consists of 334Wp solar panels to generate up to 1000W of energy consumed immediately by the electrical devices connected to the house at that time. Thus, when the panels generate electricity, the electricity bill will be reduced as solar energy will be used instead of the electricity grid.

Let us look at some of the benefits of a solar system that helps us generate renewable energy.

What are the Benefits of the Solar System?

The newly popular term 'solar system' means a combination of solar panels, batteries, inverters, and all other components required to generate solar energy. Installing solar systems in homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc., reduces the dependence upon non-renewable sources of electricity.

In countries like India, where sunlight is abundant all year round, installing a basic 1KW solar panel will prove extremely beneficial. A 1KW solar panel can provide a continuous power supply for 8-10 hours in a 3BHK house. The price of such solar panels may vary depending upon their model and brand.

Getting electricity through solar systems is becoming increasingly common. Not only do they provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional energy resources, but they also serve as a lucrative business option for those interested in it. A solar system comes in different sizes like 1KW, 3KW, 5KW, 10KW, etc., and you can choose any of these depending on your requirements.

There are four kinds of solar systems commonly found in India. They are as follows:

  1. A solar system with grid power

  2. A solar system with a battery bank

  3. A solar system with Voltage Frequency Drive (VFD) technology

  4. A solar system with a charge controller

These are highly efficient, and installing them can provide a good amount of uninterrupted solar power to schools, offices, homes, etc. Read on to find out India's 1KW solar panel price and why you should opt for installing a solar panel.

Although solar panels have various benefits, they also require a decent sum of money to set them. Yes, you can avail multiple Government solar subsidies to meet your financial needs, but you also need to know about the overall cost.

Next, let us understand the pricing of a 1kw solar panel price in India.

What will be the cost of a Solar Panel, and How to Purchase it Through EMI?

The advancement of technology has made the buying and selling of goods very easy and convenient. We can purchase from the smallest to the largest things online with just a click on our smartphones. In addition to that, various buying options like the EMI (easy monthly installments) schemes make it more convenient for buyers to purchase goods by paying small amounts over some time.

Like buying cell phones, refrigerators, television sets, cars, etc., on EMI, solar panels can also be purchased using this scheme. Purchasing solar products on EMI can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Users do not have to spend a large chunk of money at one time

  • EMI schemes provide flexibility in terms of payment of the amount

Most of the major banks in India - such as Standard Chartered, Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra, ICICI, HSBC, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, etc. allow users to buy solar systems through EMI using their credit/debit cards.

Installing a solar system has become easier than ever with these flexible payment options.

Solar panel price in India

A 1KW Solar Panel Price in India can be approximately 45,000 - 50,000. But this price significantly varies from place to place and dealer of a particular area. The 1KW solar inverter price in India is given below that can fit your budget.



Solar Panel, Shark 440 - Mono Perc

₹ 32,000

Lithium Battery - 2000 watt-hour  (1)

₹ 25,000

Microtek 2335 VA Solar Inverter

₹ 9,999

solar 2 panel stand (Shark 440W)

₹ 4000

Solar DC cable, 6 sq mm, 15 Meters Pair

₹ 2,500

2 Panel MC4 connectors pair, 2 Wire In, 1 Wire Out

₹ 500

To save our mother earth, we can start using the ultimate energy source, solar energy, to generate electricity. This will also help in reducing the extra expenses of the electricity bill. Also, you can get rid of over-power-cut problems in your area with the help of a solar panel system. Therefore, Waaree Solar Panel Installation can be your one-time investment which can solve many problems.

What are the Appliances a 1KW Solar Panel Can Run?

This is a crucial question, and buyers must be informed about all the appliances they can run using a solar panel.

  • Appliances like AC, washing machine, refrigerator, and water pump can be run for any number of hours on a solar on-grid system (no battery system).

  • On a solar off-grid system (battery-based system), only a finite number of appliances can be powered for a limited number of hours because of the limited storage capacity.

  • High power-consuming appliances like AC or motors can run on a solar off-grid system. Still, it will need a lot of battery storage, ultimately increasing the project cost and maintenance cost.

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Who Should Buy 1KW Solar Panels?

In an average Indian household, a 1KW solar panel is sufficient to power a 2 or 3 BHK apartment that uses three fans, one refrigerator, one TV, one PC/laptop, four to five lights for up to 4 hours.

Since a solar system derives power directly from the sun, it is more advantageous in places where there are frequent power cuts.

Where is it Available to Buy?

You can purchase 1KW solar panels through various dealers who deal in solar power products. However, it would be best to trust the most reliable dealers for a solar panel installation. At Waaree Energies Ltd., we provide you with the best and most cost-effective solar energy solutions. Our mission is to promote sustainable energy to improve individuals' lives and save the planet.

Why Should You Choose 1 KW System and not 3 KW System?

Several solar panels are available in the market these days. Choosing a 1KW system or a 3KW system will eventually depend upon your requirements. The benefits of a 1KW system include:

  1. Higher efficiency than 3KW solar systems

  2. Unique functionality fit for homes

  3. Lesser cost price as compared to 3KW solar systems

If you want to purchase a solar panel for a home with two or three rooms, then a 1KW system is ideal to buy. If there is a ten square meter area available around your house, that is sufficient to install a 1KW solar panel.

Our mission at Waaree

Waaree Energies Ltd. have been providing sustainable energy solutions to the country since 1989. Our presence is in over 350 locations in India and 68 locations abroad. We work with our customer's satisfaction in mind. Our goal is to provide accessible renewable energy solutions to all to make the earth better for present and future generations to come.

Our team has highly skilled and knowledgeable people with abundant experience setting up solar panels. Get in touch for the best experience with your solar panel setup.

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