2 Hp Solar DC Surface Water Pump for Goa Governor Residence

Customer : Goa Energy Development Agency,
Location : Panaji, Goa

Description :

Raj Bhavan is the official residence of the Governor of Goa., it is one of the Palaces of historical and architectural significance and antiquity in Goa.  The Raj Bhavan Estate, which consists of a spur surrounded on three sides by sea, has an area of about 80 acres. About 5 hectares of the flat table land is occupied by buildings, gardens, lawns, and the remaining is full of vegetation's, consisting of large number of species of trees, plants, shrubs, creepers, etc. Adding new species of trees in large number has been an annual phenomenon.  

For this sprawling landscape watering is a prime need, normally pumped through an electric pump. Making a green statement and promoting green electricity, the Goa Energy Development Agency employed WAAREE services for design, fabrication, supply, testing, installation and commissioning of 2 Hp solar DC surface Water pumps 2 Nos. at Raj Bhavan, Goa under Special Area Demonstration Programme (SADP) of MNRE.

The desired output level was 85 litres per watt, for the same WAAREE installed 10 panels of 225 Wp WAAREE WS series a 2.5 kW system for the 2 Hp two surface water pumps along with a variety of protection features and systems.

Project Benefits :

With this project WAAREE has enabled to save 2148 units of electricity per year and save 2.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Since these Solar pumps are being used extensively in landscaping, they do not require any type of wiring they allow landscapers tremendous freedom in where to place water features such as fountains, streams and waterfalls.

Solar pumps are friendlier to the environment and cheaper to operate than conventional AC pumps. By harnessing the energy of the sun they eliminate the need to use traditional fuel sources such as oil or coal to generate the electricity they need to operate.