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100 kWp - Science Center Surat

Customer : Surat Muncipal Corporation,
Location : Surat, Gujarat

Description :

This is the first Ever on Grid 100KWp Roof Top Solar power Plant at Science Center in Surat City, which is installed & commissioned by WAAREE Energies Ltd. This Solar Power Plant was inaugurated by honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi at 18th January 2013. This power plant will generate 100KW of Electricity.

In this Plant a total 440 nos. of Polycrystalline Solar modules are used and each module contains 230Wp of power. These modules are segregated in series and parallel to achieve required power. There are 20 nos. of modules connected in series and total 22 nos. of series are connected in Parallel. These series & parallel combination of modules are combined in a small junction box, which is called String Combiner Box (SCB) and generates 580 Voltage DC & 176 Amp DC Current.

 Power generated in SCB goes to 110KWp Solar Inverter via DC cables. In this Inverter, generated DC power is converted into AC power (415V, 140Amp). From the Inverter, generated power will be fed to the existing LT Panel, where this power is synchronized with the grid. 

This New Solar power Plant will generate 1.40 million of electricity units during entire year. Here is the graph which shows the generation of electricity with respect to months.

Benefits :

Although the initial cost for setting up a photovoltaic system is quite on the higher side when compared to other forms of generating electric energy, but on the long run solar power electricity generation is better for several reasons. Firstly, fossil fuel which we use presently in electricity generation has been discovered to be diminishing (that is its availability). 

Secondly, if we compare the cost of running a solar system and the home electricity generator (which runs on petrol or diesel) for a span of five years, the cost on that of the petrol or diesel generator is higher than that of the solar electricity generator.

This 100KWp solar power plant, will ensure a 105.57 ton/year CO2 reduction. By generating 1.40 million units of electricity SMC will generate electricity worth 17.5 lacs per year. Payback period of this power plant will be 5.5-6 years. 

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